Cheese from around the world.

History of the Cow

Randy Postal founded Bountiful Cow Cheese Company in 1984 out of Angel Fire, New Mexico to utilize his experience and contacts of privately-owned dairy in Wisconsin where he grew up. He felt there was a real need for quality cheese products in the northern New Mexico market and had the knowledge of the industry as well as family and friends back in Wisconsin to bring those types of artisan cheeses out to the restaurants, resorts, Co-Ops and specialty grocery stores located here.

He soon realized that the Santa Fe market was where the company really needed to be, so he relocated The Cow to Santa Fe to better serve that top-quality customer base. Once established in Santa Fe, he noted that there was a definite need for imported cheese products from all over the world, so The Cow started marketing specialty cheeses from Europe and other parts of the globe.

As the business progressed, Bountiful Cow Cheese Company became the pre-eminent specialty cheese and meat purveyor within the region, and remained so to this day. The Cow has expanded into other specialty products such as fine baking goods from France, oils and olives from the Mediterranean, fine chocolates and vanilla products, as well as many other gourmet ingredients.